Sunday, 8 May 2011

RIKA ~ the prologue ~

Responding to my previous post, I came across  a post on a familiar wall

bila kita susah kita cume tahu mengeluh, tapi kita x sedar yg Dia hantar khalifahnya dalam diam yg tanpa kita sedar dia lah yg terbaik, u are doctor for general But nobody knows u are my doctor for my soul, my heart, and my doctors too bring my life grows and you is a doctor who gave me medicine for the faith which was once lost and vulnerable as Guess who is so strong ...

thank you because u are willing to become my doctors, and medicines for my life.

I really appreciate my life after that your presence my light

I love you, my doctor

Voiced from the heart, as simple as it may seem, yet meant thousands of happiness to me, which made my day

In fact, my life.

The writer?

An ordinary girl-next-door. Rika.
A stranger, a patient, a friend, a sister, who later became important person in my life, by god’s will.

Kebetulan yang bukan kebetulan, yang telah diatur dengan indahnya oleh Allah. A magical rendezvous. Alhamdulillah.

Rika is indeed an ordinary girl. Rika is a true story. A journey and a battle of a girl in seeking the love of her god, leading to the right path of her life.

The story stretched back to December 2008. When I first met her. Little that I know that both of our lives will be transformed by the encounter. Biiznillah…

*disclaimer: Rika adalah bukan nama sebenar*

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