Saturday, 18 June 2011

RIKA ~ the fighter ~

Rika kept on fighting the battle she’s in, there were her ups and downs, but she never surrendered. She continued to fight on...
Rika fought her disease.
PTB, and was treated with anti TB for 1 and half years of compliancy to medication.  Susah tu. I myself couldn’t have done that.She never defaulted her follow up, no matter how ‘forever’ the que takes for her to see the doctor. Boring-boring menunggu dia akan mengajak saya untuk berjumpa.
Rika fought with her inner self to change, for the better.
Yes, all alone, without support. Occasionally the pessimist me will be there, but rarely, not all the time. The moment she first wore tudung, it lasted for only 3 days, sebelum dia balik free hair. She had always been proud with her long, straight hair. Memang lawa, I must say. Malah pernah ditawarkan menjadi model iklan. But the struggle continued. And the tudung took it’s rightful place.
Rika fought in SPM 2010.
She finally managed to sit for her SPM after years of planning and few times changing the papers that she intended to sit. She fought without  a condusive environment of learning, no proper teacher, no desk and bench in a proper classroom, no classmate nor study partner, juggling time between study and work, with extra matters in her hand; family problem, financial problem, social problem, working problem, and occasional misunderstanding with her fiance, Encik Q.
However, she gave her best shot, with all her might. And 2011 witnessed her utmost success in SPM despite of her difficult situation, for she scored 7A 3C. Marvellous, even I couldn’t have gone that far I guess, if I were in her shoes.
Rika fought for her sheer happiness.
She finally tied the knot dengan penuh ke-sah-an dan kehalalan with her fiance in March 2011. The wedding that she had longed for so long, for the love that she had always been seeking, for the lost warmth since the age of 15. She apppeared so blessed and happy in the photos that I saw in FB (tak pernah lagi jumpa lepas dia kawen)
Rika fought her social problem (regarding family and friends).
Having a materially demanding family (mak minta flat screen tv dll, hutang belum habis bayar), with a husband who has no steady work (Encik Q baru saja pindah ke kerja baru) nor steady income, with the expensive daily expenses in key ell, she faced work tirelessly, with occasional overtime.
Having a close friend who attempted suicide, and another friend with unwanted pregnancy, she played an optimised role as a friend, regardless how awkward her own situation may seem when she tried to play the ‘ustazah’. (Ye la, asal cakap bende baik, kompem kene cop ustazah, and I the labelling thing on her FB wall). However, she is no pessimist. Yes. Unlike me.
She started writing some tazkirah on her FB wall, dengan gaya super slamber. Which often brought smile to my face.
Rika fought for the ultimate, the god.
“Kak, saya nak belajar baca Quran”. One day, came the timid request, which brought shame to my face. The request came when I asked her regarding her prayers, and she told me, ‘solat OK, tapi baca quran tak lancar’.
Uwaah… lambatnya saya pick up. Her words and actions had clearly stated her wanting to change. As soon as mi megi sedap dimasak senang dimakan, I contacted my ‘kakak’ in Kuala Lumpur to arrange for someone to ‘care’ for Rika, as in bulatan gumbira la. Even though I am quite close to her, but technically, being far, far away doesn’t warrant my ability to properly ‘care’ for her. Limited maa. After all, what are jemaah for if I intend to play the solo heroine? Hehe…
Rika fought, and fought.
A wonderful fighter. An excellent warrior. And she continued fighting the battle.
Yet, the problems appeared to multiply.
To the extend she called and cried, ‘Kenapa Allah asyik uji saya?’
-to be con’t-


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