Friday, 24 June 2011

~ Barter of Sacred Gifts ~

Post ini adalah lanjutan post ~ the prologue yang telah dipost bulan lalu.

Actually, it's about the most unusual gift that I had ever received.
The Bible, bartered with Holy Quran.
Received from my Christian staff, and she wished for Al-Quran in return.
Smiling, she referred to it as a barter.
Well, I guess the barter of sacred gifts?

What surprised me most, is how excited she was upon seeing Al-Quran, since that was the first time she ever held Al-Quran in her life.
She read like there is no tomorrow. Flipping through the pages, searching for the ayat of Jesus. The excitement flickered in her dark, shiny eyes. Dancing along the phrases. Full of questions, full of wonders.
Going beyond the boundaries, is the last thing that I ever imagined of.

its time to get out of our comfort zone, to seek...
its time to get out of our small circle, in order to seek...
its time to go out to the other part of the world, as to continue seeking...

Dare we not?



Dinas Aldi said...

I wonder what she'll think upon discovering the differences in the contents of the 2 holy scriptures..

Puding Karamel said...

cikgu dinas~She apparently knows a bit about Islam, and we always compare notes, during my clinic visit.

she really enjoys our 'comparative religion sessions' and will let out a lot of "ooh"s upon new discovery ^^
then she'll tell me about her version of the said issue.

Well, I just gave her the Holy Quran last week, and will ask her opinion again later ^^

Dinas Aldi said...

I see. Will be waiting for an update then :)

Puding Karamel said...


safiyyah said...

Wah menarik. Please update cepat-cepat.

Kat tempat orang ni, ramai yang tanya macam2 pasal Islam. Kdg2 malu juga bila ada yang kita tergagap2 nak jawab. Lagi-lagi dalam english kan. Sebab tu rasa banyaknya yang perlu belajar lagi. Boleh dakwah orang bukan Islam, selain untuk tingkatkan iman sendiri.

Puding Karamel said...

iye,pernah merasa bertumbuh besar d UK,mmg berbuih menyembur2 nak jawab,pakaibahasa omputih lg T_T

sy pon tgh berpeluh tahap gaban layan sms staf saya ni.x bergerak2 dr konsep esa vs trinity.